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Find the Right Eyeglasses Frames for You


Are you in need of a stylish pair of prescription eyeglasses? Contact us! At Marion Opticians, our eye doctor will help you find the perfect eyeglasses to improve your vision and accentuate your look. We carry a variety of name brand glasses so you can find exactly what you are looking for!


Personalized Optical Services

  • Full Eye Examinations

  • Free Fittings

  • Large Selection of Frames

  • Transition Lenses Available


You can rely on our friendly eye doctor and staff to provide you with personalized attention. Whether you want to get your eyes examined or repair your old eyeglasses, we have you covered.


Visit us at 1212 Grand Avenue, Suite 14 to see your eye doctor in Billings and choose from a wide range of unique frames and sunglasses. Our staff will assist you in choosing the right eyewear that suits you and your personality.

A Selection of Name Brand Glasses Frames

What is Nearsightedness?


Nearsightedness, also called Myopia, allows one to see objects clearly up close but it is difficult to see objects from a distance; this can create challenging situations in school or meetings and even dangerous situations such as when driving. Nearsightedness is very common, affecting at least 33% of people in the United States. Myopia is often inherited so it is important to keep an eye on this in your children if you are affected by it, especially between the ages of 8 and 12 when it is most likely to be discovered. During teenage years, when the body is growing most rapidly, it can worsen noticeably in a shorter period of time. Once we are fully grown, nearsightedness usually does not change nearly as fast or as much.


Common Symptoms of Nearsightedness Include:

  • Objects in the Distance Sppear Blurry

  • Squinting Your Eyes

  • Constant Headaches and/or Eye Strain

What is Farsightedness?


A person who is farsighted, also called Hyperopia, has blurred vision when looking at objects up close, leading to eye strain/fatigue as well as headaches. Farsightedness is a common condition and, like nearsightedness, is often inherited. Babies and young children are usually slightly farsighted but as their eyes grow and lengthen, it typically corrects itself somewhere between 5 to 10 years of age. Young adults who do not grow out of this farsightedness often don’t even realize they have it because they have enough flexibility in focusing power to correct the condition. Symptoms may be very hard to detect but with age, the difficulty to see near objects may become increasingly more noticeable.

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