About Marion Opticians

Marion Opticians, a locally owned and operated business, has been one of the leading providers of optometry services and vision care products for over 60 years. Our mission is to help you achieve a clear vision for years to come. Our professionals have the practical knowledge and expertise to provide you with remarkable service.

Your crystal clear vision is our prime focus at Marion Opticians. Visit us today and choose from a large collection of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses that will best suit your needs and style. You can also count on us to provide you with top-quality contact lenses. Our staff will be glad to assist you in getting the best eye care product to fit your optical needs perfectly.

We have a huge eyewear collection for you to try on and choose from. Let us help you determine the best glasses for you. We're also equipped with cutting-edge technology for conducting your eye examination. Contact our staff today for more details!

Dr. Catherine Olson, OD

Dr. Catherine Olson graduated from Southern California College of Optometry in 1990. She grew up in Minnesota and attended North Dakota State University in Fargo. She often visited her extended family in Billings and was able to move here in 2005.

In 2006, she opened her office inside Eyemart Express. 10 years later, Dr. Olson moved her office to Marion Opticians. She brought her long-time employees Nicole, Kim, Nikki and newcomer Makayla with her to Marion Opticians.

Away from the office in her free time, she enjoys bicycling with her husband Tom. 
We do Eye Exams. 
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